Otopeni Airport – Henri Coanda

coanda_1910The biggest airport in Romania and has the name, after the inventor of the jet reaction which was named after him: “Coanda effect”.

The capacity of it is about 4500 passengers each hour, and with 6 million passengers each year, considered one of the many connections between Est and Europe.

Some tourists make a longer break to visit Bucharest during a connection/transfer flight.

It has a small shop with traditional Romanian cuisine ready to be served on the go, hair dresser, post office, bank with same exchange rates as in Bucharest, and a coffee shop (Segafredo).

The location where Private Driver Romania is meeting their customers is towards this coffee shop and it is very easy to find after luggage pick up.

The security of the Otopeni Airport is very present and shows great safety.

Luggage left unattended will be treated as any threat, this is why if you will go into a shop try to leave someone you know with your luggage or try to take it with you inside.

There are some people that will ask if you need a taxi, we advise not to engage in any way with them and use the Information desks available on each terminal for further help in case you did not book with Private Driver Romania.

And the name Otopeni is also valid for the city that resides between Bucharest and the airport, that has about 13000 residents and with high flux of traffic due to its connection.

otopeni airport history from henri coanda jet engineThe majority of the traffic is made of residents (est. 5000 from Otopeni to Bucharest during work hours) that commute between further north cities from/to OtopeniĀ  and Bucharest.

Also in weekends on the same road to Otopeni Airport / city there is a big increase due to trips to the mountains as this is the main road to reach places like Bran, Peles, Brasov and more other weekend attractions.

Official Otopeni Airport – Henri Coanda can be visited here: www.bucharestairports.ro .