Welcome to Otopeni Airport in Romania. After landing, customs check and luggage pickup there will be a small walk to a big lobby inside the Otopeni Airport that will give you multiple choices for your needs: transport, exchange, pharmacy, shopping, coffee shop, ATMs, and finally taxi ordering machinery (touchscreen display).

taxi que

The taxi ordering devices are located on both sides (left and right) as you will go through the sliding doors and enter the big lobby were all the people are waiting for their loved ones to arrive.

The choices at these taxi ordering devices are from 1.39 lei/km(0.3Euro/km) up to 3.5lei/km(0.8Euro/km), credit card payment is a complete different choice and we cannot say for sure that will be available even if you ask for it.

After a long waiting at the queue, sometimes there are 30+ people waiting for a ticket, you will get a ticket that will show you car plate, Romanian taxi ID, and the time that the taxi will take to be outside, in frontĀ  of Otopeni Bucharest Romania Airport.

By the time you’ve managed to finish all of this the Private Driver Romania car might have you all ready at the hotel, if is very close to the north part of Bucharest.bucharest otopeni find us

The meeting point with Private Driver Romania is very easy, our driver will hold your “Name/Company” at the designated place that is next to Segafredo coffee shop as seen in the picture shown.

You might consider calling us even before you’re take-off to let us know you will come to Bucharest, Romania, and you would want a driver to wait for you in Otopeni airport Romania, instead of having the difficulties of taxis.

We wish you a great time in Romania and we hope that these queues will be part of history at some point, but until then… time is money. Either Taxi or Private Driver Romania the choice will give you time, or money.