Cheap On-Time Comfortable Transport?

Dear customer of transportation services,

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Now we will say a bit about transportation in Romania, in general, as we will not discuss about a specific company so we can keep it ethical in business regulations. We are just showing you what are your transport options.


Public transport in Romania (more exactly in Bucharest):

There is BUS, Trolleybus, Tram, Subway(Metro)

-they come very handy regarding the price, very cheap.

-all have a timetable, unless you can handle the maps/routes as a local, this isn’t on time.

-uncomfortable became the main concern among all that use it, there is room for improvement as Air Con and cleaning has a way to improve in time as seen, so lets say sometimes uncomfortable.

Now a super fast option, get a ticket, find the ID, and he’s already … sometimes there, the TAXI.

-sometimes handy on price, so just cheap. Search on google “taxi fare issues in Romania”.

-most respond in time, so lets say…mostly on time.

-now regarding comfort:

  • Air Con works, sometimes.
  • Room for luggage?! half of the trunk is occupied by Liquefied Petroleum Gas(LPG)
  • Safety?! ask any driver about Extensive driving course and avoidance during driving. Check for seatbelts on the back seat.
  • Smoking?! finally Romania has a law that forbidden smoking in any commercial space, yes a taxi is no smoking zone, most of them, check any taxi queue.

Would you take your pick to check if they are uncomfortable ?

Now we will spread a few options offered by private hire vehicles, private driver:

-only sometimes they give discounts, they target the people who want time and comfort, so not cheap!

-plan ahead with them, pre book, and most probably you will get a discount for early booking as well, they respond only if they will be booked within 1,2,3…. hours ahead or even more, but they will be on time!

-the cars offered to you are going thru inspection after inspection and all it is made to be to the most of your comfort and safety. Luggage and passenger insurance, driver extensive courses, asistance within your trip if they can help within some borders, and some companies started to offer wifi. So, not cheap but on time and comfortable.

If this would be your choice, pre book now and travel on time and comfortable.