Brasov,_chiesa_nera_06City of Brasov, at ~ 180km from Bucharest is a former fortified city with parts of the wall surrounding it still visible and in good condition.

Providing many choices of hospitality from 5 stars hotel, local cuisine restaurants and museums to the most visited location, Black Church.


After a 30 minutes walk on a elevation of 400 meters you can enjoy the view of Brasov from Tampa peak, were is the Brasov sign that might make give a “Hollywoodian” feel getting right behind it, yes walking is optional as there is a cable cart to take you on the top but to get to the sign you will have a 5 minutes walk.


After all the walk above the city, you can 52visit the “String Street” (Romanian: Strada Sforii), a street formerly served as access for the fireman’s of the XVII century and now it remains as the 3rd narrow street of Europe having from 1.10 to 1.35 meters width.


Brasov can be part of 1 day tour with Peles castle, Bran Castle and Rasnov Citadel. For 1 night spent here there is more time left to visit Rupea Citadel, 50km away.