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Chauffeured services since 2001

Private Driver Romania started in 2001, after a couple of years of regular taxi use across Europe, a man with the views and experience gathered decided that people should have the option of a higher level of service, similar to other European countries

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100% Complete

We have developed a service that offers same standards as other taxi type companies from all over the Europe, and we are proud of making it at a better service in Romania for the price that you would expect.

Our drivers have extended driving courses refreshed every 5 years, they will have a standard of giving you comfort and reaching your destination in a timely manner according to your schedule but also you will be advised when would be suitable for your departure.
The service we provide offers a highly qualified driver as well as a well maintained vehicle which will only be a Mercedes Benz from a category in accordance with your type of needs and your reservation.
We have a News section at your disposal were you will be able to see a few facts about Romania, as well as many tourist attractions like Fortresses, Museums, areas that are part of the UNESCO heritage and places that have their own uniqueness.
When we bought our cars we didn’t think just about a shiny coat of paint or the list of features, we went deeper and found better materials and the integrity of its design, the good response in difficult situations, all of these were found in Mercedes-Benz the only car that you will find in our fleet.
We are part of an article on TripAdvisor as a recommendation for transport services.
We can be found on Facebook, Google+, as well as TripAdvisor were our customers have made their trip experience known and told us their level of satisfaction which comes to us as a first priority.
Forms of payment: Cash, Credit card (Visa & MasterCard, online via PayPal or inside the car), PayPal (Predefined values or Tailored price on the Credit cards logo)


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